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How to find clothing manufacturers in India?

Clothing Manufacturers are a crucial part of any garment business. But it is also vital to find a suitable clothing manufacturer for your garment business.

Where can you find clothing manufacturers in India? Don't worry and we have you covered on that.

India is a vast country that readily indulges in the textiles business. Fashion and trendy clothes are the signatures of India.

In this blog, you will know about various channels through which you can find the best clothing manufacturer for your garment business.

Different channels to find clothing manufacturers in India

With the fast-paced, growing world, finding anything has become very easy. Today there are many channels through which you can find clothing manufacturers in India. Here are a few ways you can find clothing manufacturers in India:

1. Search Engines

● Search Engines like Google and Bing are great places to find clothing manufacturers in India.

● You must type the right keyword to get the best results for your search.

● Your keyword on the search engine must answer your query along with the place.

● When you enter the correct keyword, you can get appropriate results for your search.

● Many clothing manufacturers give paid search ads or google ads; these will help you find the proper manufacturer quickly.

● Hence, search engines are a great way to find clothing manufacturers in India.

2. Social Media

● It is the Age of Social Media, and your search for a good clothing manufacturer will end here.

● Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube have taken over the world.

● People today depend on social media to promote their businesses and market their products for better reach.

● Clothing manufacturers also run ads and create content on their social media pages to attract more clients.

● Hence, you can search for many clothing manufacturers in India on different social media platforms to get the best results.

3. Textile Fairs

● Every industry has its fairs now and then where the industry people meet with each other.

● These fairs are a great way to grow, learn, and update yourself about the new things in the industry.

● It is also a fantastic way to find cloth manufacturers.

● Many manufacturers come to these trade fairs to extend their contacts and meet new people to tell about their manufacturing units.

● Many cloth manufacturers organize shops and stalls at these trade fairs to showcase their manufacturing quality.

● If you are a garment business owner, it is ideal for visiting multiple trade fairs to meet different clothing manufacturers.

● In this way, you can learn more about them and choose the best suitable one for your garment business.

4. Supplier Directory

● Supplier Directories are a great way to find clothing manufacturers in India.

● You can depend on offline or online supplier directories and learn about different clothing manufacturers in India.

● You can choose manufacturers according to your preference.

● Some manufacturers may be away from your city, and you may want nearby facilities. You can get that quickly through supplier directories online or offline.

5. Word of Mouth

● If you are in a garment business, you must connect with your other garment business friends or your industry peers.

● You will gain good knowledge when you build your network and connections.

● Also, you will get to know about many cloth manufacturers and their units.

● You can enlist all the manufacturers you hear about and visit their facilities to choose the best one for your business.

● Word of mouth is a great weapon to find the best clothing manufacturers in India.

● Though it takes time for word of mouth to spread, you will end up with the most suitable manufacturer when you trust word of mouth.


The above places are the best choices for finding manufacturers in India. However, you can use other offline methods like physically visiting different cloth manufacturing facilities and several other options. The Internet has made our tasks very easy these days, and the hustling in the garment business has become more interesting with the advent of technology.


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