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We Cut & Grade Patterns


16TH JULY EXPORTS process for creating perfect fitting clothing focuses on the most crucial stage of your production – the pattern making. When you submit your tech packs or ship clothing sample to us, we as an apparel company create accurate custom patterns for each of your styles, and we grade each size as per requirements. This provides you with perfect fitting and perfectly sized custom clothing for every style in your clothing line.

We create patterns in two ways depending on your production. If your production is simple and small, we might create paper patterns that are hand-designed by top-level pattern makers.

For mid-sized to large-scale productions or complex styles, we’ll create digital patterns using cad software. If you have your own digital or paper patterns, just let us know you’d like to use them.

The secret to success in the fashion industry that all big brands know is this – you need to consistently produce the perfect fitting clothing your target customers are shopping for.

Our pattern makers will expertly follow your specifications to create the exact fitting clothing for your brand. The only way to achieve a perfect fit is to provide accurate seam measurements

Do you want to customise how your sizes go up/down from one to the next?

Add a Size Chart in with your tech packs and we’ll make all your sizes exactly how you like.

Size Grading is the process where we take the pattern from your one size, also known as a Sample Size, and we create all the other sizes from them. Although there are some standard procedures for moving up/down between sizes, if you have your own custom preference then just let us know in your tech packs.

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