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Quality Controls for your Clothing Brand

Quality Control during your Clothing Manufacturing

We at 16TH JULY EXPORTS pride ourselves on delivering top quality clothing with every production order. We understand that quality control really means quality assurance. This is why we employs an effective yet simple quality control process to ensure you receive high quality clothing with as few errors as humanly possible.

Our quality control process uses a methodical human-based approach. During your production, individual pieces are pulled from the production line at random to check that the production is going as planned. Once your entire production is completed, our QC along with our production team check every piece against your tech packs.

During the quality control process, we check for a variety of criteria. Each piece must pass this checklist otherwise it is sent back for review. The production team checks the quality of stitching, fabric performance, embroidery, printing, dyeing, the quality and strength of all hand-work, material applications, labels and tags quality, and also for the accuracy of seam-to-seam measurements.

We at 16TH JULY EXPORTS strongly believe in the competitive garment manufacturing market, brands need to offer value for money and meet customer expectations without compromising on quality. As a result, there is greater pressure than ever before to have effective processes in place to ensure their clothes are consistently made with the required standards. For this reason, it is crucial for any business operating within the garment manufacturing industry to have an effective Quality Control program in place. 

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