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Our Team.

Working with 16TH JULY EXPORTS means working at one of the most progressive apparel manufacturers in the world. We employ the best talent in the country across several disciplines and departments. Our Delhi factory offer a progressive work environment where we encourage and support personal initiative and innovation. Once you are part of the team we strive to provide constant learning opportunities that enable you to grow within the industry.

Rashi Arora 

16TH JULY EXPORTS uniqueness lies in its futuristic vision and its ability to deliver high-quality, large-volume products. It’s exciting to work at a company that is constantly evolving to achieve customer mindshare.

Mahesh Chand

16TH JULY EXPORTS offers me complete autonomy in doing my job and achieving the targets set. The company has always appreciated my good performance and at the same time stood by me during tough times.

Jas Kaur

16TH JULY EXPORTS has given me freedom to experiment with my creativity and has welcomed my new project ideas, which are now helping workers grow professionally and personally


We are always looking for great people across all departments. If you think you have the talent, drive and energy to be part of the 16TH JULY EXPORTS team please write to us: or whatsapp Us at 0091 9868088882

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If you are looking for Internship in Fashion designing, merchandising or online social media marketing, please drop message here.

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