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Custom clothing Manufacturers

Denim top with embroidery
Custom Clothing - Denim Top

Who are Custom Clothing Manufacturers?

Custom Clothing manufacturers are manufacturers who cater to various brands’ needs by agreeing on the design and quantity of the required products based on the brand’s demands.

16th july exports logo
16th July exports

16TH JULY EXPORTS is a perfect example of a Custom Clothes Manufacturing brand that prioritizes client satisfaction and adheres to all of their demands. Clothes aren’t only reflective of lifestyles, but their designs are also an amalgamation of different cultures. With a global client base spread across India, Australia, the USA, and the UK,

16TH JULY EXPORTS bring insights into diversity to your fabrics.

They adhere to precise ODM/OEM quality standards to deliver fabrics that are durable and comfortable. From the appearance to the integrity of the fabric – everything is technically and manually checked. From an evaluation of raw materials used to the practices implemented all the way down the supply chain, each step of manufacturing meets the sustainable development goals

What services do Custom Clothing Manufacturers offer?


Smooth printing services on a variety of fabrics according to your choice of fabric. The main methods of textile printing are block, roller, screen, digital, and heat transfer printing. In each of these methods, the application of the colour, usually as a thickened paste, is followed by fixation, usually by steaming or heating, and then removal of excess colour by washing.


Custom Dye fabrics to a hue of your choice. Dyeing and printing processes are value-added treatments for most textile materials. A dyeing process is the interaction between a dye and a fibre, as well as the movement of dye into the internal part of the fibre. Generally, a dyeing process involves adsorption (transfer of dyes from the aqueous solution onto the fibre surface) and diffusion (dyes diffused into the fibre). 16TH JULY EXPORTS do custom dying of fabrics as per customer requirements and our their moq also is not huge for this process.

Red sleeveless top
Red party top


Customised samples provided for your choice of fabric. We are sure you are looking for garment manufacturers, fashion design experts, sustainable fabrics, fair trade fashion practices, quality assurance and most of all a garment factory that understands you, your Fashion Brand and the importance of Design.

The importance of garment sampling is emphasised. It decides whether future orders from buyers will be approved, as well as bringing in business for a garment manufacturing or export company. A preceding sampling of styles is done to acquire approvals to begin the manufacturing of clothing before a manufacturer creates substantial orders. A product/style code or a reference number, colour specifications, fabric type, composition, description, quantity, and specifics of embroidery, buttons, zippers, or any other type of accessory used are all included in sampling. As a result, garment samples can be thought of as a link between customers and producers.


Hand crafting of embellished, thread work, beading. Embroidery may give colour, texture, depth, and dimension to a design in terms of shape and aesthetics. When used to clothing, it can disclose a person’s fashion taste, social standing, ethnic identity, or religious beliefs. Embroidery is basically narrating the story of your brand through the stitches. And especially when it’s done by hand, it the story becomes all the more personalised

women in blue cotton dress
Customized clothing


Regarding your brand label, choose among a variety of fabrics, colours, and styles.

WHY LABEL BRANDING IS IMPORTANT FOR YOUR PRIVATE LABEL? When it comes to marketing, it’s critical to work on establishing your brand. Branding and marketing go hand in hand, and it’s critical that you can be recognised by your company name or logo, especially in crowded markets where you’re up against a lot of other businesses.

Labels are useful for a variety of reasons. They communicate the garment’s care guidelines as well as the fabrics used. They aid in the branding of the garment as well as the identification of the company’s name and logo. And they are a true reflection of the garment’s quality and care during its creation. Labels are crucial in the garment and accessory industry, and their significance should not be underestimated.

Beautiful woven labels are a timeless complement to any piece of clothing. It is critical to creating woven name/logo labels, care labels and tags, content labels and tags that specify the ingredients in the items, and size labels. Labels can also have a mix of these elements. Attractive and professional hangtags produced with cutting-edge technology are also vital tools for branding and communication. They’re the ideal finishing touch for any outfit!

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