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Apparel and Garment Exporters in India

India is among the top garment manufacturing countries in the world. Indian textiles and apparel products have a history of fine craftsmanship across the entire value chain from fiber, yarn, fabric to apparel with high global appeal. India’s cotton, silk, and denim are highly popular in other countries, and Indian apparel too has found success across fashion centers around the world. India is one of the largest consumers and producers of cotton The Indian textile and apparel industry is highly diversified with a wide range of segments ranging from products of traditional handloom, handicrafts, wool, and silk products to the organized textile industry in India.

India is the sixth largest exporter of textiles and apparel products in the world with a massive raw material and manufacturing base. Cotton textiles exports is a major contributor with 39% share of total exports of textiles and apparel industry while ready-made garments, man-made textiles and handicrafts contributed 36%, 14% and 5% of the total exports for the sector respectively.

India’s textile and apparel products, including handlooms and handicrafts, are exported to more than 100 countries across the globe. India’s key export destinations for textiles and apparel products includes countries namely USA, UAE, the UK, Bangladesh, Germany, China, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, etc. USA is the largest importer among all, importing about one fourth of the total exports from India.

India and UAE have recently signed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and the country is also in the process of negotiating FTAs with EU, Australia, UK, Canada, Israel and other countries/ region which is likely to boost exports of Indian textile and apparels in future by providing competitive edge over other exporting countries.

Few prefered Garment Manufacturers in India

Raymond Ltd

Raymond is one of the leading garment manufacturers in India, with a market share of over 60%. It is one of the first three fully integrated worsted suiting manufacturers globally, with a capacity of 38 million metres in wool and wool-blend fabric.

16TH July Exports

It is one of the leading garment manufacturers in India as well as textile exporters in India, specializing in woven and cotton hosiery knitwear. The company garments exported to Europe, North America, South America, and Asia. 16thjulyexports is the one of its own kind garment manufacturers in India that works in every textile and garment production.

Royal Group

The Loyal Group is one of the top garment manufacturers in India, offering various textile and clothing products and services.

Arvind Mill

Arvind Mills, founded in 1931 by three brothers, has long been a staple of the Indian garment industry as a manufacturer of high-end superfine fabrics. Arvind is another one of the leading garment manufacturers in India and has dominated the market with brands including Arrow, Flying Machine, USPA, New Port, Mega Mart, and The Arvind Store.

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