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Hoodie Manufacturer

Hoodie Manufacturer for Your Business

Explore our complete collection of hoodie styles listed below and choose the best options for your business:

  • Men’s Hoodies           

  • Women’s Hoodies     

  • Kids’ Hoodies     

  • Oversized Hoodies     

  • Cut and Sew Hoodies

  • Pullover Hoodies       

  • Velvet Hoodies           

  • Mesh Hoodies     

  • Grid Hoodies             

  • Long Sleeve Hoodies

  • Embossed Hoodies   

  • Sports Hoodies

Casual Fashion

Perfect Hoodies

Quality Craftsmanship


Premium Fabrics

Discover our range of meticulously crafted hoodies made with the finest materials. Our commitment to using comfortable and eco-friendly fabrics ensures a luxurious feel while being environmentally conscious. We carefully select materials that are soft and durable. 


Tailored Perfection

Our dedication to perfection is evident in every stitch. With a focus on high standards, we guarantee clothing that is not only stylish but also impeccably tailored. We offer variety of gsm options for hoodie/sweatshirt fabric. They help your business to target certain types of customers and weathers.


Innovative Designs

At 16TH JULY, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Our advanced tech and cutting-edge designs set us apart in the industry. From concept to creation, we push boundaries to deliver clothing that exceeds expectations.


Fashion Forward

Step into the future of fashion with 16TH JULY. Our team of experts collaborates to bring you the latest trends and styles. Embrace sophistication and elegance with our collections that showcase the perfect blend of artistry and technology.


 Let's connect - For any of your query, Please feel free to contact us for the same.



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