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Private Label Clothing Manufacturer

Private label clothing companies are basically your one-stop destination to create a brand without having your own production unit. These companies handle end-to-end manufacturing from outsourcing fabrics to finishing the desired products with your brand’s label. Private label clothing manufacturers also handle customization of the products to suit your brand’s needs.

India is known all over the world for its vast interest in textile manufacturing. As a result, private label clothing manufacturers in India have been seeing quite the demand from independent brands as well as global ones.

16TH JULY EXPORTS specialize in private label clothing manufacturing for various international brands for their collections. We are proud of our team of experienced - specialists and advanced infrastructure and machinery that helps us deliver only the best of the products. This gives any brand a wide range of options to choose from in terms of product range and customization that is manufactured in the best possible quality. We are also one of the few private label clothing manufacturers that offer a wide range of carefully produced sustainable products that undergo intensive quality checking methods to ensure that only the best of the lot is sold under your brand’s name.

Today, the number of private label manufacturers has increased a lot, confusing private label brands to choose one among many and run a successful garment business in various countries. Still, a few good-quality private label garment manufacturers can serve you with utmost quality and competitive prices. At 16TH JULY EXPORTS we provide you a world-class clothing manufacturing facility that is equipped with top-level machinery. We provide you clothing/apparel for kids, women, and men.

The private label clothing manufacturers today have made it simpler for clothing brands to have swift access to all kinds of manufacturing methods without costing them a fortune. If you have your vision and have the basic knowledge about running a clothing business then it wouldn’t be a challenging task for you to get in touch with the private label services that can offer you what you have in mind. You no longer have to rely on costly white label clothing manufacturers that provide no control of the manufacturing process and have a limited approach towards apparel products.

Some of the services 16TH JULY EXPORTS offer are the following:

Knitting, cutting and sewing, dyeing of garments, screen printing, sticker printing, special packaging, and embroidery.

Make your clothing brand stand out from the crowd. 16TH JULY EXPORTS have tons of experience in Private label clothing and a quick response time, In addition, they have a huge fabric selection, and, more importantly, skilled sample makers will ensure that your brand is just how you want it.


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