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Clothing Manufacturer in India

India has always been a leader in the textile and apparel industry and has enjoyed prominence as one of the world’s major textile manufacturers. It is home to numerous best clothing manufacturers working towards meeting world rising demand for superior-quality, fashionable clothes.

16TH JULY EXPORTS are proud Certified Indian Clothing Manufacturers and Exporter of made-to-order garments for men, women & kids from India. Our company know-how in clothing manufacturing services, extraordinary workmanship and reasonable prices have made us one of the most reliable names among our clients across the globe. We're specialized in sourcing eco-friendly sustainable fabrics for your private label clothing line backed with strong ethical clothing manufacturing practices.

​With the vision to be at the top of private label clothing manufacturing services in this industry and in a very short span of time we are humbled to be recognized as high-quality clothing manufacturers and the manufacturing partner of world's leading clothing label, private label clothing lines, independent fashion designers, high fashion international

boutiques and multinational fashion retailers majorly from USA, Europe and South American countires.

We are a full service clothing manufacturing factory. All you need to keep your concept design ready. Rest we're equipped and skilled to turn your concept into reality. Be it sourcing of desired fabric or pattern making, sampling or prototyping, fabric dyeing or printing, embroidery or smocking, bulk production or quality control, packing to dispatch to

your door-step delivery.

16TH JULY EXPORTS are highly specialized, super skilled and professionally run Indian Clothing Manufacturer for small and medium businesses with the desire and passion to provide end-to-end clothing manufacturing services precisely matching to your custom design and specification. We practice a collaborative working approach where we treat ourselves as a member of your team and make sure you enjoy the most rewarding business relations with us.

We are highly process oriented, quality conscious and customer centric company. We have been evolving continuously with our mission to be the most aspired high quality clothing manufacturer for startups, early stage and small business across the globe.

Our commitments towards delivering nothing but the quality - has made us a team you will enjoy working with! Your search for high quality Indian Clothing Manufacturers ends here as we do have everything you need to turn your design into reality!

Extraordinary Quality Guaranteed : Delivering products with 100% match of customer's specification under strict ODM/OEM process is the key behind the winning

smiles of our happy customers.

Confidentiality of Design Details : In no event we share our clients details and their designs unless the client permits. Neither do we produce one client's design to another. In every circumstances your as well as your design details are protected with utmost care.

Ethical & Sustainable Business Practice : We're one of very few private label clothing manufacturers who addresses the widest scope inline with The Fashion Transparency Index.

Individual Attention and Care : Probably this is the beauty of working with small batch clothing manufacturers like us. We pay extra attention and care to each customer.

In order to support & promote sustainability in clothing industry, we offers unique solution for small emerging clothing labels and startups clothing businesses. We accept small batch (Low MOQ) order quantity backed with a variety of services to make them stand strong and grow!

As small batch clothing manufacturers, our specialization rests in turning your dream design into reality. We strongly believe that, if you can dream your design, we can manufacture it.

As your potential clothing manufacturers in India. We helps you to translate your dream into real piece of clothing. Rest we assure you that our team full of experts and veteran artisans are here to delight you with our extraordinary manufacturing services!

Be it any custom design clothing for womenswear, menswear or kidswear, we have made manufacturing clothes in india very simplified and cost effective too. We pride ourselves as a clothing manufacturer for small business and giving full support backed with state-of-art infrastructure and expertise level as your high quality clothing manufacturers India.

Sourcing or Production of Fabrics : We believe that an outfit is only as good as the material it is made of. That is why we place a high priority on finding the best materials and at the best prices. Be it sustainable eco-friendly fabric or synthetic, we're having a very good network of trusted suppliers and mills on panel who works from last several years with us.

Sourcing or Development of Trims : Trims could be threads, buttons, lining, beads, zippers, motifs, patches etc. We as your potential private label clothing manufacturer we have the capability to source all kinds of trims for your design precisely meeting your specification. We are equipped to customize almost all your trims depending upon the minimums.

Pattern Making : Our pattern masters infuse life in the rough sketch by cutting papers! Regardless of the style details, we are having the best brains that bring the concept into reality. We are well versed with both digital as well as manual patterns. For best results, we mostly use manual (hand made work).

Pattern Grading : For grading, you need to provide the basic measurement of your design for just one size and rest we do which also attested by the size set samples at the time of production.

Sampling / Prototyping : Understanding the importance of sampling and prototyping, we have an in-house sampling team. We do all kinds of sampling / prototyping and takes your approval before we begin the production.

Fabric Dyeing : All you need to specify your preferred color code (Pantone). Rest we're well equipped to dye your desired fabric in your desired color. We are having team of experts and before proceeding for dying, we may recommend for color and fabric result

probability in advance.

Fabric Printing : Be it hand block printing or screen or digital. we does all kinds of fabric printing. All you need to provide your print design. For other than digital printing, a minimum will be applied depending upon your design details and fabric you


Embroidery (Hand + Computer) : Be it computer embroidery or hand embroidery. We're carrying super-specialty to provide you all kinds of embroidery as per your design requirements.

Smocking / Sequins / Beaded / Crystal : In case your design requires any kinds of smocking, sequins, beads or crystal works, we takes pride in delivering high- quality smocking work precisely matching your custom designs. we are proud to have great artisan in our team and known for leading smocked clothing manufacturer for womens and kidswear clothing.

​Denim Washing Effects : We frequently manufacture all kinds of denim outfits and as all know, washing is very crucial to get the desired look on denim. We carry great know-how to bring the desired denim look with all kinds of washing

Fabric Cutting : We're equipped to cut any width fabric. Our modular cutting table is handled by the very finest cutter to ensure low waste cutting of your styles.

Sewing / Stitching : Loaded with the latest generation of sewing machines, we ensure quick and effective stitching of your garments.

Finishing : Each and every piece of the garment goes through a finishing team which includes pressing, thread cutting, initial checking etc. In case any issues are found, we either fix it or in case of issues can not be fixed, then we put it into rejection.

Quality Control : We works on the "Quality First" policy. Our quality team remains active right at the time of sourcing of fabric till the final packing of finished garments.

Packing and Dispatch : Last but not least, we pack each of your garments in a clear bag (preferably bio-degradable) and all go inside a carton.

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